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We provide a fun and interactive way to raise money for local charities who are on the front lines of meeting the needs of our communities.


Our contests are designed for social media engagement and creating an experience where people make a difference to help those who need it most.


Our platform does not just help one give to one charity, but allows everyone to give to multiple charities simply by choosing those causes they care about the most.

Our Events

We hold exclusive events around the country where people compete for tickets by raising money for local charities they support!

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We have partnered with the Suitcase.Party people to help them raise money and sell out their fun and amazing Suitcase Party events in South Florida and in Denver! Dates and exact locations are TBD at this point, but we are excited to be a part of this event as they move the event part lockdowns […]

We are in BETA!

it has been a long road, for some more than others, but we are happy to be launching our first contest coming up in March! We hope you will join us by entering and choosing a 501c3 nonprofit in your area to raise money for as they surely need it! The contest will net the […]

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