About Us

About Us

Votes4Charity is a platform dedicated to empowering influencers of all sizes to do good for charities they care about and the communities they live in.

Created in the midst of COVID restrictions, when charities where challenged with how to raise money when people can’t come to events, where volunteers have to be social distanced, where even getting to clients and those they serve is a challenge, VOTES4Charity is one way to make things fun while taking advantage of the power of social media in a time when many are on their computers and phones more than ever.

During COVID, the need to support charities has never been more important, as the government has failed on all fronts to support small business as well as individuals, nonprofits’ services and programs have seen an increase of 30% nationwide.

DoingGood Foundation

What if influencers used their influence to support nonprofits they care about?

Influencers are in a unique position to do good in the world at this time. They have the audience more than ever, to reach out and move people to action. Donations in the United States are down almost 30% from 2019 and it is estimated that between 8% and 25% of nonprofits in the United States will fail. If they do, and the government isnt doing anything, who will be there to support those who need it most?

Kevin J White, Founder, Corporate Compassion LLC

Follow us and get involved and let’s advance our influence for good!

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