Event Ticket Contests

Event Ticket Contests

Created as an alternative to people purchasing tickets to a charity event, people enter the contest in order to hopefully win tickets to exclusive, fun, and amazing charity events.

Why is this a thing?

Cost increases – many caterers, event venues, and equipment suppliers are out of business therefore those still in business are more expensive

Decrease Ticket Revenue – with social distancing, you have to hold events with less people, thus decreasing money raised from tickets

Decrease in Sponsorship – because many companies were affected by COVID, they are not able to sponsor many events as before, if at all, and also, their incentive is lessened if they can because, as mentioned before, with less people attending the events, the ROI for sponsors is greatly diminished

Staffing Costs Increase – with social distancing and vaccination issues, it is harder to get volunteers to attend events which increases the need to pay people to work the event

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